A Cigar Worthy of Highclere's History...

Since making their way to London in 1826, cigars have been enjoyed at Highclere Castle.

From the 5th Earl Carnarvon to the present 8th Earl, members of the Carnarvon family have shared the finest tobaccos with friends, visitors, and royalty alike, where the tradition has been to retire to the library after dinner for whiskey and a smoke.

When the 5th Earl discovered King Tutankhamun’s tomb with Howard Carter, he undoubtedly celebrated with a cigar in hand. While the 6th Earl maintained a collection of smokes at The Ritz Hotel, in London, where the Carnarvons have always kept a table; he was often seen at Ascot, cigar in hand.

Perhaps the current Earl said it best, after recently hosting a friend from Belgium: “Enjoying a Highclere Cigar together, we had the most companionable hour in the warm summer late evening on the castle lawn, as we looked back towards Siddown Hill. You couldn’t imagine a more perfect sense of the relaxed enjoyment of life!”

Savoring a Highclere Castle Cigar means taking time for you, your friends, and family; it means slowing down to appreciate nature’s bounty and the fruits of labor.

We’ve endeavored to create a cigar worthy of this special history and hope you enjoy the Highclere Castle Cigar as much as we have each step of the farming and production process.

The Founders